In his capacity as an emergency dentist in Raleigh, Dr. Eric Ladimer sees more than his share of unpleasant dental injuries, infections, and other serious problems. But he doesn’t mind; it’s his life calling and he gets a great sense of satisfaction from helping his patients overcome serious oral health problems and get back to a state of good health. That being said, it’s part of our mission here at New Hope Dental to reduce the number of emergency dentist appointments we have to schedule. We would much rather see any given patient at routine checkups for several years in a row than to meet him for the first time in an emergency situation. Here are some key reasons to call your emergency dentist in Raleigh before you are suffering from a true oral health emergency.

Symptoms Come Too Late

When you have a simple cold, you probably begin treating yourself once you notice symptoms of the sickness. After all, you can’t tell you are getting a cold at all until you have a stuffy nose, right? Dental problems are a much different story, however. Periodontal diseases (like gingivitis) and tooth decay usually don’t manifest symptoms like bleeding and soreness until they have gained a strong foothold in the teeth and gums. By that time, it takes an invasive, dramatic procedure to resolve the problem and restore the teeth and gums to a healthy condition. This is a very troublesome fact to a lot of people, because so many of us tend to continue with “life as normal” until pain and other symptoms demand our attention and alert us to a health issue. Taking that approach with your oral health, though, will put you in danger of needing an emergency dentist in Raleigh rather than simple, painless exams on a regular basis.

You Could Avoid Dentures and Bridges

The sooner your emergency dentist in Raleigh gets his eyes and hand on a damaged tooth, the higher the probability is that he will be able to save it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dentist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you suspect that an impact or other factor may have damaged a tooth; your immediate action could save you from having the tooth extracted and needing an artificial bridge, implant, or dentures for the rest of your life. With the amazing technology available today, creating and caring for dental prosthetics is much easier than it has ever been, but it is still preferable by far to save your natural tooth if at all possible. Don’t wait and just hope that your tooth will heal itself! Your emergency dentist in Raleigh is the expert that you need in order to keep your dental structure as natural and healthy as possible immediately after an injury.

It’s Not Just About Oral Health

By taking care of injuries to your teeth and gums as soon as they occur, and by preventing periodontal disease with regular visits to your dentist, you do the rest of your body a favor as well. Many years of careful research have confirmed strong links between poor oral health and poor overall health, even serious issues like diabetes and heart disease. In many ways, your mouth is a first line of defense against threats to your health, and you should make that defense as strong as possible. A routine dental exam is an easy step to take to protect your entire body, avoid the pain of gingivitis and tooth decay, and keep your smile looking brilliant!

Dr. Eric Ladimer and the rest of the team at New Hope Dental are ready to spring into action when you need an emergency dentist in Raleigh to resolve a painful situation. But we want to do more than that. We want to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy through daily hygiene and routine exams with our dental hygienists and technicians. After all, the best tooth extractions and root canals are the ones that we never have to perform! Contact us today, and we will set you up with an appointment to assess your oral health and tell you everything you need to know about how to defend it against gum disease and other causes of poor oral health.