Inquiring about cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC is an important first step toward finally taking care of those crooked, broken, or discolored teeth that have bothered you for years. If one of your new year’s resolutions for 2017 is to give yourself a brilliant new smile, you might be wondering what the next step is. What exactly can be done by your dentist to restore your great smile and take your confidence to the next level? To help you out a little bit, we’ve put together a little “cheat sheet” on three similar procedures: bonding, veneers, and crowns. Cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC uses these three approaches in different situations to repair teeth and make them look great again.

Bonding: Quick Repairs

The good news about bonding is that it is the simplest, quickest, and most affordable of the three repair options. Your Raleigh, NC dentist uses this technique to touch up teeth that have minor damage, like a small chip. It can also cover stains caused by long term exposure to coffee, tobacco, and other substances. Under the supervision of a highly trained professional like Dr. Ladimer, bonding can quickly get you out the door with a beautiful, white smile and even teeth. The downside of bonding, however, is that it is not as durable as veneers or crowns. The bonded surfaces are damaged more easily than your natural teeth, and they are also vulnerable to discoloring by the same substances that stain your teeth. Bonding is an effective fix for the short term, but for lasting results your expert in cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC will probably recommend one of the other two tooth repair techniques.

Veneers: Ideal for Most Repairs

A veneer, unlike bonding, is made of porcelain and is very durable. Instead of just touching up damaged areas and blending in with the rest of the teeth, a veneer completely covers a tooth. Creating and applying a veneer require a lot of preparatory work, so the process is longer and more detailed than bonding. For instance, your dentist may need to cut away a very small amount of your existing tooth enamel in order to apply the veneer. But once it is in place, the veneer is far stronger and resistant to damage/discoloration than bonding, giving you a solution that can last permanently with good dental hygiene. Because veneers cover the entire tooth, they can repair teeth that are too heavily damaged for bonding.

Crowns: Long-term Repairs for Severe Dental Damage

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC, crowns are the longest-lasting, lowest-maintenance, and best-looking solution. They can permanently transform broken teeth, and they can be used to give a lifelike, natural appearance to teeth that already have fillings. Because a crown completely covers the tooth, your dentist must carefully prepare the tooth surface and customize a crown that will perfectly fit your existing dental structure. Performing all of that work to create a crown that will last a lifetime takes skill and a high level of training! Dr. Ladimer and his staff at New Hope Dental have the experience in cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC to offer you top-tier service and expert follow-up.

You’re not on your own, of course, as you decide which of these three options (or another choice not mentioned here, such as teeth whitening, bridges, implants, or dentures) is just right for you. Your dentist will help you work through the options after analyzing your situation, giving you his advice based on your needs and on his many years spent helping folks like you achieve the brilliant smile that they have always dreamed of having. There is a huge additional benefit to these cosmetic dentistry services as well: many people don’t realize that when broken, chipped, and misaligned teeth are repaired, they give protection to the rest of the teeth and the gums against infection and damage.

Don’t spend any more of this potential-filled new year wondering what it would take to restore your smile! Contact our office today by email or phone and find out how our experts in cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC can help you transform the appearance and health of your teeth.