Emergency Dentist Raleigh

When a tooth injury or an issue with your dentures is creating an emergency, a dentist in Raleigh with the expertise and experience to restore your health and comfort is just a phone call away. At New Hope Dental, our genuine concern for each and every patient motivates us to get you in for an appointment as soon as possible and find out what we need to do to resolve your oral health needs. Going through your work or school day with an aching tooth or a gum infection is no fun, and with Dr. Ladimer and our office staff ready to help, there is no need to suffer.

Request an appointment and get back to great oral health in no time!

Tooth Extractions

If an infection has progressed past a certain point, it becomes impossible to save the tooth. Leaving the infected tooth in place jeopardizes the health of the surrounding teeth and gums, so a professional extraction is the best option for preserving the remaining healthy teeth. An emergency dentist in Raleigh will carefully plan his procedure, move quickly to extract the tooth, and clearly explain the next steps for making the extraction a permanent success.

Root Canals

A root canal is a great measure that can often save a tooth from extraction if the infection can still be stopped. Your emergency dentist in Raleigh uses this technique to remove all of the pulp that cannot be saved and replace it with medicated material to nourish the tooth and restore it to health. Dr. Ladimer specializes in root canals, making him an ideal choice for patients in the Raleigh area who are searching for emergency dentistry services that will save their natural teeth if at all possible.

Damaged Teeth

A damaged tooth, although small compared to the entire body’s systems, can make life extremely unpleasant, to say the least! This type of injury makes a visit to your emergency dentist in Raleigh a top priority for you, and we make it a priority as well when we receive your call or email requesting an appointment. The solution to your damaged tooth or teeth may be as simple as a filling or other minor restorative measure, or the damage may require an extraction and subsequent replacement by implants or a bridge. Whatever the situation, Dr. Ladimer and his expert, compassionate team will guide you through the process and get you feeling normal again as soon as possible.

Dr. Ladimer and his team love getting the chance to help someone find relief from oral health issues, whether their pain is caused by a sudden injury or a long-term infection that is finally becoming unbearable. Either way, get in touch with us to request an appointment today.