Tooth extractions are perhaps the least popular procedures that patients visit their dentist for. It is never an enjoyable experience for the patient, but when it is necessary, an extraction prevents further damage to the teeth and gums, helping to prevent more extensive disease and injury in the future. At New Hope Dental Care, Dr. Ladimer puts his extensive knowledge and experience to work to give each patient the most comfortable, complete, and successful extraction possible.

An extraction may be necessary for several different reasons. An infection that was not detected and treated in time may have completely destroyed the “pulp” inside the tooth, cutting off nourishment and causing the tooth to die. A tooth may have grown incorrectly, becoming impacted in the gum and/or jawbone. Then, of course, there is the most common tooth extraction process: removing wisdom teeth. Whatever the situation, the team at New Hope Dental Care is prepared to help you address it with skilled, advanced tooth extraction services.

Analyzing Extraction Needs

Dr. Ladimer understands the far-reaching implications of having a tooth extracted, and he takes those implications into account when examining an infection, impacted tooth, or other issue that might require extraction. If a root canal can save a tooth affected by decay, that is obviously the preferred procedure. However, if the only safe option for the sake of overall oral health is to remove the tooth, Dr. Ladimer will explain the situation clearly and answer any questions you have about the process. Our friendly, accommodating office staff will help you with appointment scheduling, working your visit into your already-busy schedule.

Gentle Care

As a thoroughly family-oriented practice, New Hope Dental Care places a high priority on the comfort of each patient. Many people are understandably anxious about a major procedure like a tooth extraction, and our team works hard to set your mind at ease leading up to and during surgery. Our skilled, trained assistants use anesthetics to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We’re also great with children!

Comprehensive Treatment

Of course, our care does not end when you leave our practice following your extraction. We provide you with detailed instructions on how you can take care of the extraction site at home, and we pack the wound with specialized medications that accelerate healing and reduce discomfort as much as possible. During follow-up visits, we monitor the healing and make any adjustments necessary.

Implants, dentures, and bridges are a few of the restorative options for replacing an extracted tooth or teeth. Dr. Ladimer will communicate with you to tell you about each option available for your situation and help you decide on the one that is best for you. From beginning to end, our practice is committed to helping you restore your oral health and your smile.