Family Dentistry Raleigh, NC

Family dentistry in Raleigh, NC means that the entire practice is geared toward making everyone in your family comfortable, healthy, and happy during their visit with us. We are totally understanding of the fact that little ones (and, let’s face it, even big ones sometimes!) get nervous about visiting the dentist, and we do everything possible to give them a relaxing, pleasant visit. From little distractions like plenty of toys and books in the waiting room to the experienced, steady hands of our hygienists and dental assistants, we are ready to help even the most jittery patient enjoy his or her appointment.

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It Starts with People

As a family dentist in Raleigh, committed to helping entire families enjoy great oral health together, Dr. Eric Ladimer has surrounded himself with dental assistants, hygienists, and other staff members who share his love for family care. A gentle touch and an understanding attitude come with every routine exam and x-ray, and when the procedure is more involved, such as an extraction or a root canal, we take special care to avoid discomfort and get the job done as quickly as possible. In the end, all the special equipment money can buy will not settle a nervous patient’s mind on its own. That takes people who genuinely care about their patients and who know how to say the right thing, use the right approach, and even crack the right joke now and then!

A Family Dentist Raleigh Can Trust

It’s not enough for a family dentist in Raleigh to be compassionate and gentle. Clearly, he also needs to be qualified and highly trained in the full range of dentistry services. In addition to his formal education, Dr. Ladimer spent years serving in the Air Force in the field of dentistry, and he has spent extensive periods of one-on-one education with board certified specialists in a variety of dentistry techniques. Through New Hope Dental, Dr. Ladimer is excited about using his skill and expertise in family dentistry in Raleigh, NC.

Patients of All Ages

For our youngest patients, procedures like sealants and fluoride varnishes are powerful assets in preventing infection and gum disease during the critical formative years. At the other end of the age spectrum, we offer expert services in building dentures, bridges, and implants for those who have lost teeth to gum disease, impact damage, or other factors. In the ideal situations, of course, we see each member of the family for routine cleanings on a frequent basis, building on good daily oral hygiene practices and keeping teeth and gums clean until the next visit.