Periodontal therapy includes a number of different dentistry procedures, all of which aim to minimize and remove the threat of permanent damage caused by periodontal disease. If gingivitis or another gum disease is weakening your oral health, there are many threats—not only to your oral health, but to your overall well-being—that can follow. A skilled dentist can use periodontal therapy methods to remove disease and the bacteria that cause them, restore your gums to good health, and advise you on the best products and methods to use to keep your mouth healthy.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal therapy becomes necessary when infections or disease have taken root deep inside the gum, especially at the point where the gum and the teeth meet. The ability of the gums to hold the teeth firmly in place depends on their health, and periodontal disease weakens them. Normal activity such as eating or any impact to the mouth can cause teeth to come loose when the strength of the gums is compromised.

One of the most common causes of periodontal diseases is certainly poor oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are the best ways to remove the tiny particles and bacteria that remain on the teeth and gums after a day of eating. If you neglect this activity, infection can quickly spread and lead to periodontal diseases that require professional therapy for removal.

Periodontal Therapy

In brief, periodontal therapy digs as deeply as possible into the gums surrounding affected teeth, removing spots of periodontal disease and scraping the disease-causing bacteria off the surfaces to which they have adhered. This is a very involved process, and your dentist often needs to cut some of the gum away from the teeth in order to reach deeply rooted causes of infection. Scaling and root planing are two common techniques used to remove infection and to make it easier for the gums and teeth to defend against later infections.

Periodontal therapy requires a great deal of experience and decision-making on the part of your dentist. If he fails to spot signs of disease, overlooks areas that are vulnerable to infection, or only partially removes bacteria, you could be facing the same procedure again before long. Dr. Ladimer has the training, the history of success, and the support team to perform the thorough cleaning that your oral health deserves.

Following your periodontal therapy treatments, good oral hygiene practices are the key to preventing similar problems from occurring in the future. Dr. Ladimer and his team will give you all the instructions you need to keep your gums, teeth, and smile looking and feeling great again! We look forward to meeting you and speaking with you about how we can help you with your periodontal therapy needs.