Dentist in Raleigh, NC

New Hope Dental is the family-oriented, pleasant, and advanced dentistry office that you have been looking for in the greater Raleigh area. After many years of education, practical training under board-certified specialists, and service in the area of dentistry in the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Eric Ladimer has settled into a new role as a family dentist in Raleigh, NC. Along with his hardworking, friendly staff, Dr. Ladimer is passionate about helping his patients achieve not only great oral health, but also great-looking smiles that reflect the brilliant personalities inside.

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A Gentle Approach to Big Problems

If tooth sensitivity, painful gum disease, or damaged teeth are causing you pain on a constant basis, you shouldn’t go another day without doing something about it. A call to our Raleigh dentist office will get you an appointment as soon as possible, and Dr. Ladimer and his team will use their advanced imaging equipment and their years of dentistry experience to identify the cause of your pain and the best possible solution to it. With a long history of success with tooth extractions, fillings, and other detailed procedures as well as a specialty in performing root canals, Dr. Ladimer is well positioned to get you back to your daily life with a new smile, no pain, and long-lasting results.

Raleigh Dentist Services: Restorative and Cosmetic Procedures

Leaving gaps between teeth after an extraction or injury opens the door to all kinds of painful, destructive infections, as well as misalignment problems that will lead to future health issues. Your Raleigh dentist can design and build a bridge, an implant, or a set of dentures that will complete the appearance of your beautiful smile and keep the rest of your teeth functioning normally together. With state-of-the-art design equipment and highly advanced materials at our disposal, the restorative solutions we create for you at New Hope Dental are sure to delight you and those you interact with every day.

Teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry options can transform a smile that has become dull and stained back into a sparkling white, “movie-star” smile. Just schedule an appointment and let our expert cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC do the rest!

Routine Care

Regularly scheduled cleanings with your Raleigh dentist are the key to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. These serious issues go deeper than the area of the mouth; studies continue to show strong links between periodontal disease and serious overall health issues, including diabetes and heart disease. Keeping your mouth healthy is a priority, and it depends on daily oral hygiene and frequent visits with your dentist.

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