When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Raleigh

Time to call the emergency dentist!

Our teeth are incredibly durable. Just think of all the times that they get bumped and pushed around by accidental impacts, not to mention the constant exposure to acids and other corrosive substances in the foods and drinks that pass through our mouths over the course of a lifetime. With the help of relatively minor efforts to keep our teeth and gums clean, our teeth are tough enough to remain strong and serve us well for our entire lives. But like any part of our body, some injuries are severe enough to seriously damage them, causing great pain and lasting negative effects on our overall health. When an injury like that happens, you want to have the name and number of a great emergency dentist in Raleigh near at hand. Here’s what happens when you make that call.

Your Emergency Dentist in Raleigh is Available

There’s no convenient time for an injury to occur, but it really does seem like most injuries happen at the most inconvenient times imaginable!An injury during a softball game on a Sunday afternoon, a chipped tooth late in the evening, or an accident that ruins your Thanksgiving or Christmas day—each of these can put you in severe pain that you really don’t want to live with until the Raleigh dentist office is open again during regular business hours.
That’s why we have an emergency phone number by which our patients of record can get in touch with us outside of business hours. There’s always someone from New Hope Dental Care available to answer the phone, find out the basics of the emergency, and set up an appointment as quickly as possible to get it taken care of.

A Permanent or Temporary Solution

Once your emergency dentist in Raleigh has been able to examine your injury, the next step is to decide whether to implement a permanent solution during that visit or to put a temporary fix in place to relieve pain and prevent further damage while the permanent solution is planned.That decision depends on a lot of different factors, and your emergency dentist in Raleigh, along with his staff, helps you make that decision by providing you with all the information and options that you need to know about. One thing that patients often worry about is that their dentist is going to rush them through a process, telling them what needs to happen and when, without giving them the options and letting them make the final call. You don’t have to worry about that at New Hope Dental Care! We’re committed to working with you and fitting your emergency dentistry procedure in with your schedule, budget, and other needs.

A good example of a temporary solution is an antibiotic treatment. Many of the calls for an emergency dentist in Raleigh that we receive are the result of major infections, and it’s not always possible to treat that infection right away. Instead, we usually prescribe an antibiotic for a few days leading up to the main procedure, which helps ensure that the final solution is as safe and complete as possible.

Your Emergency Dentist in Raleigh’s Network

While your emergency dentist in Raleigh is very good at what he does, sometimes an injury requires the work of a specialist. At New Hope Dental Care, we work closely with a local oral surgeon and endodontist, referring our patients to them for advanced procedures at the same high standards that we maintain for our own dental services. We’re happy to work with these great experts, and our network gives our patients the fastest, most reliable route back to good oral health, no matter what severe injury or infection they are facing.

Make Us Your Emergency Dentist in Raleigh, NC

If you don’t already have your information on file with us, we encourage you to get in touch with us and get that taken care of now—while you’re not dealing with a dental emergency! If we already have your information, we’ll be able to expedite the process, reduce paperwork, and resolve your emergency much more quickly if it occurs. Of course, we hope that won’t happen, but if it does, your emergency dentist in Raleigh is here for you.

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